A New Journey

Hello Everyone,

I am not yet sure where this journey will lead, but I am ready for the adventure!  I started crafting years ago and primarily focused on scrapbooking and sewing.  A few years ago a group of crafters introduced me to card making – I was hooked!  Now, I so look forward to those times when I can escape for a few hours and create a card that I know will be shared with someone I love, care deeply for or a new friend.  Writing and sharing cards has really become rare – especially those we are lucky enough to receive in the mail!  I have vowed to continue sending my loved ones cards until I can’t anymore.

I am a busy Mother, and wife ,working full time while trying to have some of that work-life balance everyone talks about.  I don’t know about balance, but I am lucky enough to steal away a few hours on my weekends to craft away.  I hope to share my crafting here, in a way that creates enjoyment, learning, and a desire to create and share your creations.   So here we go…..